We are NOT a Ride Share

August 8, 2014 in Flight Training, Networking, News

Pilots Building Flight Time

This next post was supposed to be the one I have been working on for a while about our amazing week at EAA Airventure in Oshkosh. Believe me, we had quite the week and here in the next few days look for a post about our experience. I will start off by thanking everyone who stopped by to learn about what we have to offer to the aviation community. If you don't quite know what we do, please, I urge you to check out our simple information site over at FlyPRS.com before you make assumptions about us.

We are NOT a Ride Share Program

You may be wondering about now what has me all fired up... I do have to admit that there is very little in this world that will get me worked up. I am an extremely laid back person and my company is run as such. I believe that nothing truly gets done in passion without hard work, time, energy, and a positive attitude toward everything. That being said, if you group my company with the notion around something that it is not and then blog about it on a very well-respected organization's site you will get me a bit fired up. I will continue my short rant in a bit but first, please read through this article written by Rod Rakic on AOPA's blog.

A "Plane Sharing Program" is as follows (quoted from the article):

"Planesharing is the concept of pilots use services on the Internet to post details of their upcoming flights in the hopes that potential passengers will find the flight information, join the pilots on their flights, and split the cost of the flight with them."

I will give him some props first before I rant any farther. The article is well written and addresses something that we all need to be aware of as pilots and an avid aviation community. the ride-share programs that some sites are instituting are in the wrong to some extent. It is not in my best interest to name any of them as I don't fully understand what their motive is with their site. I do agree with quite a few of his points but I cannot say that "ride-sharing is wrong". The FAA is working on it, of course, as is always the case as they review what each of these platforms are offering and trying to decide on what will be done with all of them.

I decided that I was not a happy camper when one of the members on the site wrote me an email and brought the article to my attention, props to him. I will explain it here again in an effort to reiterate what all of our other information about what we do already says. The fact that this "Opinion Leader" for AOPA's blogging network didn't obviously do any homework or research as to what my company does leads into the fact that he may very well not have done it for any of the other companies mentioned in the article. Here is an excerpt from the article that wrongly tags ProRataShare as a "Ride-Share" or "Plane Sharing" program:

"Startups like Flytenow, AirPooler, ShareMySky, AiirShare, Pro Rata Share, Wingman, and others have developed business models around facilitating planesharing. Venture capital should not be seen as some kind of signal that startups can ignore the rules the rest of us have to live by."


So, with all of that being said, I guess I just wanted to make all of the THOUSANDS of pilots we just talked to in the last week about what we do here at ProRataShare up at EAA aware of some slanderous remarks that are out there. We appreciate you taking the time to stop by our booth and actually learn about what we are trying to do at ProRataShare. We are pilots helping pilots network together. The whole program started when I was instructing and my Instrument students were running out of money as they tried to build their 50 hours of PIC cross country time. I developed a way for them to find other pilots in their area to get together with so that they could work as Pilot and Safety Pilot (all within the regulations) and both build PIC time while they split the cost of renting the airplane. From that we built an instructor network with flight schools, a safety pilot network for aircraft owners, and are continually branching out to lower the cost of flight training and flying airplanes in general. Networking is the lifeblood of aviation and we are building a network. Help us do that. We are not a "Planesharing" "Ride Share" whatever by the definition of the phrase because we do not offer our service to the general public. Just to Pilots to help other Pilots.

Safe Skies,

Scott Warhol

CEO ProRataShare